This past semester has been kinda crazy for me, I am transferring to my dream school for my Junior year! The University of Michigan!

Graduating my senior year, I never really had a plan. I skated by during my high school years, never trying to my full potential so I never applied to Umich because I knew it was a lost cause. I ended up deciding to start at community college and last minute- I changed my mind to drop all my plans to go to Oakland University.

My times at OU have been great, I was starting over with new friends while still staying home. It was a great starter to college while still living at home with my family, with my homebody self (and my two lovely pups, Winnie and Bernie.)

Even though OU has been wonderful to me, I always felt like I was missing out the college experience in movies and having major FOMO with my friends being an hour and a half away. Which is scary.

I have never been one for change even though I always try to convince myself that I am. My mom is probably the one person I know who is able to pick up everything and move across the country if she felt like it (even though I am only moving an hour and a half away to Ann Arbor.. still scary)

Laura (my mother) and Brynna (sister) are telling me right now that I shouldn’t be scared because my whole personality is not changing, my work ethic is the same, friends are at Michigan.. it is just the environment.

Anyway, it made me curious if there is a word or something that scares you, and I want to know it.

My sister Brynna says that the words tummy and belly scare her. My brother Tommy hates the word moist. My mom is scared of nothing. Let me know down below or email me at

love always,


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